Panama Expenses

Panama is the country I spent the least amount of time in. At 14 days, it was a bit of a pass-through country. I hadn’t planned on staying long and thought it would be a gateway to Colombia, which it was. I did spend most of the time in Bocas del Toro, which is expensive in general, but not exorbitant, as say, Costa Rica. All in all, what completely skewed the numbers however was the sail trip from the San Blas to Cartagena, Colombia in high season, which cost $550 not including all the purchases required for the crossing. So, the average doesn’t accurately reflect the cost of being in Panama, but instead the cost of getting to Colombia via what is sure to be one of the most incredibly trips of my life. The San Blas archipelago is stunning and being on the open sea, sleeping under the stars on a catamaran was a dream. With that in mind, here’s the breakdown.

Panama Expenses: USD $1185

Dec 1 – Dec 14:
14 days
Avg: $84.64/day

Accomodation $83.60
Groceries + Food $247.9
Gifts $5
Entertainment $757.2
Clothing & Laundry $13.10
Transportation $79

San Blas to Cartagena sailing trip: $580 total – counted as entertainment, though it’s als0 transport
Dolphin tour
Bocas del Toro
Nights out

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