Costa Rica Expenses

Costa Rica. Ugh. Ok, yes it’s beautiful, but god does it really have to be that expensive? It’s absurdly expensive and I don’t understand why. Of all the countries I’ve been to so far, this one made the least sense. Granted some of the places I went to were tourist mecca’s and the kind of tourists who don’t know better, but still, it hurt being here and I really didn’t see what justified the prices. I didn’t feel as though it had much more to offer than say Panama on one side, or Nicaragua on the other. I did do a few tours, and the expenses listed below also reflect Kitesurfing lessons in Bahia Salina in the north, which cost a pretty penny (around $500 USD if I remember correctly). So that obviously affects the balance, but still, CR just isn’t the place for me. Regardless, this is how my money was spent.

Costa Rica Expenses: USD $1829.88

Oct 9 – Oct 17 + Nov 13 – Dec 1
28 days
Avg: $65.35/day

Accomodation $ 355.01
Groceries + Food $385.72
Gifts $12.10
Entertainment $896.21
Clothing & Laundry: $8.38
transportation $124.05
Phone $ 37.23
Other: $1.86

Surf lessons
Kite Surfing lessons

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