Happy New Year dude!

Hey dude. So, you survived 2020. First post of 2021. Not gonna stay long cause I’m a bit tired and not entirely inspired to write but I wanted to mark the change of the year and put down a few markers. On my journey to try to become a bit more process oriented than goal oriented, I still feel the need to mark down some of the goalposts along the way towards that richer, healthier, more satisfying life. 

So, I just wrote that we survived 2020. The truth is, in case you might end up forgetting this down the road, 2020 was an amazing year for us. I mean, if I manage to look back in 20 years and I’m proud of the success I’ve built, I’m pretty certain that will have been because of the foundational changes I made during 2020. I’ve manage to accomplish so much. I mean almost every goal I set for myself I achieved and some of those, were squeezed in right in the last couple days of the year. 

I wanted to achieve 10k on Upwork. Well, on the 31st of December, I crossed that threshold. I wanted to finally have my stock portfolio be in the green. That happened on the 29th of December. All the small decisions, the patience payed off. I still have 100% job success score in Upwork, I can pay back the investment in the stock fund, I have more credit at my disposal. It’s awesome. Ya, there’s still plenty of debt and while some progress has been made, there have been some setbacks, but the trend is super positive, especially considering my monthly expenses are $4k+. I’ve been able to help Dad, contribute to expenses at Michele’s and just be a better son, nephew, hopefully brother and friend. 

As for the hammock, we’re right there. In a couple weeks we’ll have started the process of patenting it. It’s exciting but also a bit scary. But again, great progress was made in 2020. 

Physically? Well, December wasn’t as intense as November and October and of course there was more drinking and eating so some of the progress I had made was lost but again, trend is positive. I’ve lost about 5 lbs, I look better, feel better, and though I don’t or haven’t really noticed it, I realized today that despite my frustrations and fears, I have gotten stronger. I tested myself and managed to do 33 pushups in a row. I was able to stay in plank for 2:56 seconds. I maxed out with my breath hold at 2:49, so not much progress there. My goal of reaching 4minutes seems to have been unrealistic but still, it’s not a terrible time. As for being in better shape than I’ve been since my 30s, I don’t think that’s the case, so I fell short there too but I am certainly in better shape today than I’ve been since I turned 40. Still lots of work to do. 

But today was day 94 of activity. Meaning not a single day has gone by where I haven’t at least done yoga. I haven’t been running much, nor swimming (too cold), and in truth I haven’t done much else but yoga in a couple weeks but today was a good reconnection with that higher demand and I’m looking forward to maintaining my 100 pushups per day, my core exercises and some cardio. So dude, 3 months+ of not smoking, 3 months+ of regular activity. Improvements in flexibility, career, projects, personal growth, strengthening and all the little details. You did that. you made that happen. Keep that shit up. 

I’ll try and touch base soon cause there are some other things that need some attention and to be discussed. 

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