The Bucket List of one Digital Nomad

The Bucket List of one Digital Nomad

Whether we have it written or not, whether we admit it or not, we all have a sort of bucket list. As I’m writing this, I’m in the process of fulfilling one of the biggest items on my list: travelling around the world. I’ve wanted this since I was a kid, but as a concept, as the guy who traveled, without really considering the implications, just cause I thought it was cool. But I have a more trivial list as well, that grows as I pretend to. So, I figured, why not write it down and track my progress as I go? Some I’ve managed to cross off my list already, woot, but others won’t be so easy and some may never happen. But here it is.

My Bucket list: (in no particular order)
1. Skydiving – done, but i want more and i want to freefall solo
2. Bungee Jump – done, and in the highest one in Latin America (Monteverde, CR)
3. Scuba Diving – done as of June (PDC, Mexico) but i want sooo much more and GBR and Red Sea for sure
4. Swimming with dolphins in the wild – partially done
5. Seadoo – done (in Playa Blanca, Colombia)
6. Squirrel Suit jumps
7. Rappelling on a real mountain – partially done in Chile
8. Windsurfing – done but long time ago
9. water skiing – done but long time ago
10. Kite Surfing — soooo wanna do this. Should be soon. ¬†— done as of Nov but obviously way more to come
11. Night scuba dive
12. Snowboarding the rockies
13. Hiking through the himalayas
14. Sand boarding in a desert – done, Ica, Peru
15. Rock climbing
16. Spelunking – done, ToroToro, Bolivia
17. Art class
18. Surfing – done, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nica, more to come

Yes, yes, I’m a simple man. All physical stuff 40 year olds shouldn’t be doing, but hell, I have no idea I’m 40 so, please don’t ruin the surprise. I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list. And I’m sure there’s stuff I want that I’m just drawing blanks on right now, but this is the start.

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