February 27 / journey

I’ve always appreciated beautiful photography and down deep I’ve always wished I had some talent for it. I can’t say that I do, but I can say that over the past year I’ve been making more of an effort and made some investments in order to have better tools with…

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January 15 / Bollivia

If you’ve ever wanted to see the old South America, the South America in 80s hollywood movies, the South America from the classic photos we’ve all seen, the chicken bus South America, then Bolivia is your best bet. For the record, chicken buses even here are on their way out,…

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April 8 / journey

Almost everyone I met said I would love Colombia. They said they loved it. So, I figured it couldn’t be too bad if there was so much consensus. Even from my first country, Mexico, I had been hearing praises, and down through 5 other countries I kept hearing it, but…

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July 27 / Guatemala

Guatemala’s Ecology Guatemala is a much richer country than I expected, both in terms of levels of poverty and ecology. Maybe our expectations were much lower after having passed through Belize which was in fact poorer than expected. Belize which was more expensive and seemed to have less to offer,…

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June 11 / journey

Ah, hostels. Shared rooms, bunk beds, and massive compromises. Always an interesting time and great opportunities to meet new people. They are full of advantages, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more experiences like tonight’s and that’s alright by me. On a day to day basis though, this certainly isn’t…

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June 8 / journey

Time with Pops It’s only been a bit over a month since I left my old life behind to roam the earth with all my possessions on my back. Truth is, I’m not used to the idea yet, though I’ve somehow adapted to being homeless incredibly quickly. I think it’s…

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