2 Years of Souls and Smiles

I do enjoy taking pictures, but I’m not yet great at it and it’s still not something I think of doing when I’m with people. 90% of the photos I take are of things, places, and people I don’t know. But when I’m with people, I basically never think of capturing that moment. That’s something I like because it allows me to be in the present but it’s also something that means I simply don’t have many shots of the people who have played a part in the past 2 years of my life, even if only for short periods. The simple fact is, traveling is nothing if you’re not making connections along the way. With my personality, that’s not always easy. I tend to be a bit reserved and it takes me time to infiltrate groups or let people in, but it’s certainly something I’ve gotten much better at and hope to continue improving on. But given my tendency not to think of taking a group selfie or taking any pictures of some of the amazing people I’ve met, I have a tiny fraction of the photos of the people who have touched me. That’s something I’ll have to make a bigger effort to change when I get back out there. But it is what it is and I’m still grateful that I had a few moments where I had the foresight to snap a shot or two or asked for copies of the pics others took.

Below is a small sample of some of the souls who have reached out and grabbed me in one way or another, people who put a smile on my face, who shared something personal, fears, desires, experiences, and even tears with me. These are some of the beautiful people that have lit up my travels and made every moment of heaviness worth it. To each of you out there that has contributed to my adventure, my growth, my love of this world and my enthusiasm to keep going, I send you a glowing ball of love and my gratitude. Thank you.


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