Soul-catcher: My favorites

I’ve always appreciated beautiful photography and down deep I’ve always wished I had some talent for it. I can’t say that I do, but I can say that over the past year I’ve been making more of an effort and made some investments in order to have better tools with which to play. This first section for example is a list of photos taken with my almost 4 year old HTC One. Very low resolution, and limited to no flexibility in terms of ISO, shutter speed, exposure so really there’s little I could do with it and it wasn’t at all inspiring, not to mention that it simply doesn’t work at all in low light. So this batch of pix is more luck than anything but I still managed a few that I’m happy with. This page is about the shots that I like above all the others either because of the content, the composition, or because it takes me back to a specific moment of pleasure or sorrow or contemplation that I want to remember. I hope to continue improving my skills and eventually keep upgrading my equipment. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to say I’m an amateur photographer. For now, I can’t quite claim it, but I’m working on it.

From here on in, the photos generally get much better as they were taken from my new mobile and an actual camera. Of course the first couple months weren’t great as I learned to use the camera and regularly got confused between its many functions, but over time, with a bunch of experimenting, they improved significantly so that by the time I got to Chile, I was taking some really nice shots with the camera. The ones taken with the mobile are pretty good as my Moto X does a decent job but that’s mostly the phone with little input from me, but even there, with the limited features, I was definitely being more conscientious of how to frame the shot and play with lighting. It’s been fun and I’m looking forward to really being able to use my camera for snorkeling. That’ll have to wait, but I’m excited.

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