Cancun Nightlife – absurd, but..

Cancún nightlife

There is something completely absurd about the main strip of the Cancún nightlife. It’s ridiculous. Open air clubs all competing to be loudest, music blaring, MCs yelling over the music, people on the sidewalks enthralled and disgusted at the same time. It’s intriguing. But once you get over the absurdity, you start to realize that it’s perfect. Sure it’s not fit most. It appeals to a specific age group and mood but they have a formula that works. Reach club has its array of dancers, mostly women, dancing in small stages or cages, however you want to describe them, an Mc that tries to include everyone in the party, and if course drinks flowing. Once you get used to it, it starts to seem less repulsive. People come here to party. Mexicans, Hispanic tourists, Europeans and Americans all here for the same reason, to enjoy themselves and let go. It’s debaucherous yes but it’s what they came for. Beach and sun with a few drinks during the day and many more drinks and dancing at night. And in this context it doesn’t get much better. People from around the world congregating to enjoy themselves. What is most impressive is the number of Hispanic tourists and even Mexicans here. I expected Americans and Europeans but the vast majority are in fact from Mexico and Latin America. This was an encouraging realization and something I really appreciated. Granted this isn’t a sustainable lifestyle but it’s not meant to be. It’s a party and few parties are sustainable. I know because I in fact tried to have exactly that ; a sustainable party. So, putting that aside, you have to admire the ability of places like Congo to provide exactly what people want. And this is the thing about tourism, it’s about providing what people are looking for in a manner that benefits the traveler and the business, usually at the expense of the environment. Is it wrong? I don’t know. It’s a bit depressing and it hurts to see how much we shape the world for the sake of profit and in cases like this it’s more evident than ever but you still have to appreciate that there is a need being served and you just have to hope that it will be handled in a manner that does the last damage, if not now, hopefully soon.

That being said, if you are in Cancún, and you want to party and you’re young, I suspect Congo is the best party in town but I had no desire to try to find out for myself. If you are interested in knowing more, you might find this post useful. It may not be my style but it by far the most entertaining club I think I have ever seen, as made evident by the dozens of people who stand and sit on the sidewalks looking at it. If you can afford the 30 USD to get in and want as much energy that the night can offer this would be the place. A dozen dancers in uniforms that feature semi g-strings, bar tenders that get on top of the bar and dance altogether once an hour and an MC that I personally find annoying but certainly knows what he’s doing. That’s what this place offers. And it does its job well. But even if that’s not your style you can find multiple options for a night full of dancing and drinking at one of the adjacent venues. The Coco Bongo area/corner (Boulevard Kukulcan) is bar none the hottest spot in Cancún for a party if you’re open to sharing your night with fellow tourists. For me, one night is more than enough, but if I were in my early 20s I could see this being a highlight of a trip to Mexico.

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