The Hostel experience

Ah, hostels. Shared rooms, bunk beds, and massive compromises. Always an interesting time and great opportunities to meet new people. They are full of advantages, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more experiences like tonight’s and that’s alright by me. On a day to day basis though, this certainly isn’t a viable option, not long-term, not without breaks. But tonight, after a fine night of Tulum dancing, it’s quite perfect. Adaptation. It’s what separates us from the majority of species. Tonight, I’m human.

I wrote this a while ago, and since then I’ve spent more than 90% of my nights in hostels. Not always in dorms, but usually. It’s still true that every day for months, dorms are not viable. At least not for me, but considering the cost difference and social elements, it really is a great option for travel. I have no idea how many hostels I’ve been in so far. Most have been great, some have been awesome, and even those that have been sub-par have still had something to offer. I thought I’d spend much more time in AirBnBs, but that hasn’t been the case, partly because the lack of plan means I never know how long I’ll be in a city and that means I have a hard time committing to an AirBnB. Additionally, the costs can be prohibitive. I’m sure I’ll use AirBnBs again in the future, but I’ve been surprised at how few I’ve used in the past few months and how much time I’ve spent in hostels. I guess that’s part of it though, the unexpected tendencies that develop while you travel. Looking forward to others.

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