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Don’t ask why, but I’ve been keeping a list of all the places I’ve slept. Strangely it’s one of the more accurate loggings I have. It’s been over a year and half at this point and I’ve recently hit over 100 different homes. Ha. That’s something like an average of a new home every 5 or 6 days. Strange, considering how many places I’ve stayed close to a month in, but there are a good number that I only stayed in for one night as well. In any case, this list gets updated every few days or so, but I figured I’d have a copy online as well. Not of interest to anyone but myself, obviously, but hell, why not.

103. Eco Hostel, Santiago, CE

102. Casa Roble Hostal Boutique, Santiago, CE

101. Hostel El Arbil, La Serena, CE

100. Hostel El Juriques, San Pedro de Atacama, CE

99. Uyuni Salt Hostel, Uyuni Region, BO

98. Uyuni Salt Hostel, Uyuni Region, BO

97. Hostel La Roca, Uyuni, BO

96. Hostel Casa Blance, Potosi, BO

95. Jaguar House, Cochabamba, BO

94. Anexo Ginas, Cochabamba, BO

93. AirBnb, Sucre, BO

92. Loki Hostel, La Paz, BO

91. Hostel Playa Esperanza, Copacabana, BO

90. Ollanta Hostel, Puno, PE

89. Pirwa Hostel, Puerto Maldonado, PE

88. Tampopata Hostel, Puerto Maldonado, PE

87. Kurumi Hostel, Cusco, PE

86. Jamuy Hostel, Cusco, PE

85. Enjoy Hostel, Lima, PE

84. La Marina Hostel, Trujillo, PE

83. Mary Mar, Pimentel, PE

82. Rusty house, Mancora, PE

81. Sol de Mancora, Mancora, PE

80. La gondola, Montanita, EC

79. Kamala, Montanita, EC

78. Posada del caminante Hostel, Isabela, EC

77. Brattle Hospedaje, Santa Cruz, EC

76. Mar y Sol Hostel, Santa Cruz, EC

75. La Casa de mi sur, San Cristóbal, EC

74. Lueco Hostel, Guayaquil, EC

73. Friends, Huanchaco, PE

72. Friend’s House, Lima, PE

71. Paracas Backpacker House, Paracas, PE

70. Llahuar Lodge, Llahuar, Peru

69. Tropical Lodge, Sangalle Oasis, Colca Canyon, PE

68. Name unknown, San Juan de Chucho, Colca Canyon, PE

67. Marlon’s House, Arequipa, PE

66. Mango Hostel, Arequipa, PE

65. Hotel El Mirador, Nazca, PE

64. Carola del sur, Huacachina, PE

63. Euro Backpackers, Lima, PE

62. Incalife Hostel, Lima, PE

61. DragonFly Hostel, Lima, PE

60. Euro Backpackers, Lima, PE

59. Mary Mar, Pimentel, PE

58. Alternative Hostel, Cuenca, EC

57. Rincon del Viajero, Otavalo, EC

56. Pescao Windsurfing, Lago Calima, CO

55. Tostaky Hostel, Cali, CO

54. Leonardo’s House, Salento, CO

53. Sayta Hostel, Bogota, CO

52. Couchsurf, Villa de Leyva, CO

50. (Name forgotten), Villa de Leyva, CO

49. Pit Stop Hostel, Medellin, CO

48. Casa Ram Hostel, Medellin, CO

47. La Presidenta Hostel, Medellin, CO

46. Mauricio’s AirBnb, Medellin, CO

45. (Name forgotten), Playa Blanca, CO

44. Isabel’s AirBnb, Cartagena, CO

43. Chill House Backpackers Hostel, Cartagena, CO

42. Gitano del Mar, San Blas – Cartagena

41. Hostel Mamallena, Panama City, PA

40. Hostel Heike, Bocas Del Toro, PA

39. Selina Hostel, Bocas Del Toro, PA

38. Pagalu Hostel, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, CR

37. Lion Fish Hostel, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, CR

36. Savegre Inn, Monteverde, CR

35. Hotel Guanacaste, Liberia, CR

34. Blue Dreams Hotel, Bahia Salinas, CR

33. Hostal Elizabeth, San Juan del Sur, Nica

32. Bigfoot Hostel Las Penitas, Nica

31. Bigfoot Hostel, Leon, Nica

30. Backyard Hostel, Granada, Nica

29. Wild Waves Hostel, Popoyo, Nica

28. Pura Vida Mini Hostel, Tamarindo, CR

27. Tamarindo Backpackers, Tamarindo, CR

26. TripOn Hostel, San Jose, CR

25. Nautibeach, Isla Mujeres, MX

24. Keith Turner Condo, Isla Mujeres, MX (AirBnB)

23. Poc Na, Isla Mujeres, MX

22. Monica’s Airbnb – DF, MX

21. Suites DF – DF, MX

20. Hotel Casitas La Fe – Puerto Escondido, MX

19. Casa Amarilla (yellow house) – Antigua, Guate

18. Finca Tatin – Rio Dulce area – Guatemala

17. Bull’s Beach Cabanas – Placencia, BZ

16. Lydia’s Guest House – Placencia, BZ

15. Blue wave hotel – Caye Caulker, BZ

14. Ariel’s Airbnb – Caye Caulker, BZ

13. Alejandra’s Airbnb – Playa, MX

12. Jose’s Airbnb – Chichen Itza?, MX

11. Nomadas Hostel – Merida, MX

10. Micasa en Cozumel – Cozumel, MX —– reviewed

9. Casa Del Sol, Tulum, MX

8. Dorothe’s Airbnb – Playa, MX

7. Beach & sleeping bag – Isla Mujeres, MX

6. Beto’s Airbnb – Cancun, MX

5. Dad’s – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

4. Aunt’s – Miami, FL

3. Nadia’s – Flushing, NYC

2. Annie’s Airbnb – Alphabet city, NYC

1. Azeem’s – Toronto, CA

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