Peru Expenses

I had no intention or expectations of spending so much time in Peru. To be honest, Peru never really held all that much intrigue for me. Sure there’s Macchu Pichu and while working with Peru Hop on their old site, I learned about the desert in Ica, and a couple other things, but I still never had much of a calling towards Peru. But, things change, and perceptions should with them. I rushed through Ecuado ro meet a friend in Peru, which was fine by me as Peru is considerably cheaper than Ecuador and it turns out, Peru was a great place to spend 5 months. The affordability of the food, accommodations and activities meant that being here was a lot more viable than some of its neighbors. In the end, this is how it all breaks down.

Peru Expenses: USD $4046.59

Mar 21 – May 28 & June 28 – Aug 27
129 days
Avg: $31.86/day

Accommodation $750.94
Groceries + Food $1508.64
Gifts $127.47
Entertainment $828.31
Clothing & Laundry $139.97
Transportation $428.76
Phone $87.45
Other $51.95
Bank Fees: $49.5

Galapagos activities: Macchu Pichu, dune buggying in the desert and sandboarding, Paracas tour,
tons of hikes, glacier tour, etc.

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