Nicaragua Expenses

Nicaragua was never on the radar. In fact I only went there because 1. I had to flee the costs of Costa Rica and 2. I was already so close I couldn’t find a reason not to at least check it out. I hadn’t planned on staying very long but I ended up liking it quite a bit. It’s an up and coming destination to watch for. It’s cheap, growing, the people are kind in general, though in some places a bit more aggressive with travellers than in other countries (I think due to the fact that tourism is still quite nacent here and growing rapidly). I didn’t travel to too many places, staying mainly on the western edge of the country, but food and lodging was cheaper here than pretty much any country I had been to and even cheaper than Colombia for the most part.

Nicaragua Expenses: USD $1032.89

Oct 17 – Nov 13
27 days
Avg: $38.26 USD/day

Accomodation $413.05
Groceries + Food $289.64
Gifts $10
Entertainment $197.88
Clothing & Laundry $12.83
Transportation $92.74
Internet $16.04
Other $0.71

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