Mexico Expenses

Mexico is fantastic and still very affordable. It’s definitely a country I’ll spend more time in. My time there was split between about 2 weeks alone before V joined me and about a month or so alone after she left to go back home. The time spent with her was obviously full of much more activity, as we moved around quite a bit, scuba dived, did tours, learned to surf etc. All in all, V did a fantastic job of managing resources, keeping in mind that my finances were more limited than hers. I’m not entirely sure the initial expsnes with her are accurate. I believe some things are missing, but these are the numbers I do have.

Mexico expenses with V: USD $1419.57

June 17 – July 6 + July 30 – Aug 14
34 days
Avg: $41.75 USD/day

Includes the following:
Scuba lessons & certification, multiple dives
Sightseeing tours
Car Rental

Mexico expenses alone: USD $1884.30
June 2 – June 16 + Aug 14 – Sept 24 + Sept 30 – Oct 8
Avg: $46 USD/day

Accommodation $590.97
Groceries + Food $337.41
Gifts $7.43
Entertainment $318.14
Clothing & Laundry: $56.32
Transportation $66.24
Phone $15.18
Other $492.61 (unknown, but mostly food and entertainment – issue with my accounting at the beginning of the trip)

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