Colombia Expenses

Colombia was a disaster in terms of tracking all my spending. Christmas and New Years were rather expensive, as I wanted something different in terms of food and drinks. There was a lot of activity at first but this was also where I got lost for a while and had to crawl back to normalcy. My head wasn’t in the right place for a bit and I don’t know how well I tracked my spending for a week or 2. While the numbers are relatively accurate, there were definite gaps. I lost a decent sum of money one night when it fell out of my pants and likely made another person very happy for a day. This is also where my travels took a drastic turn and went from being a shared journey to being a solo one. All in all however, Colombia was, up to this point the cheapest place for me. Particularly the weeks in Bogota where I did nothing but work, were exremely affordable, with me spending way under $20/day for room and board. Colombia is special in so many ways, but in terms of finances, there are few places that can compete with it.

Colombia Expenses: USD $2841.11

Dec 18 – Mar 16
89 days
$31.92 USD/day

Internet $50.25
Accomodation $ 1030.5
Groceries + Food $654.3
Gifts $17.31
Entertainment $643.5
Clothing & Laundry $48.25
Transportation $182.6
Other $214.4 (electronics, lost $120, $55 entry tax, random other expenses)

New Years

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