Bolivia Expenses

Bolivia was undoubtedly the cheapest country I had been in in South America. Unfortunately the expenses below don’t reflect that but there were extenuating circumstances. Staying at a party hostel was a necessity. I needed the diversion and a place to recharge and connect with people. I also stayed in an AirBnb to try to get focused on work, and cooked some lavish home-style meals to try to get a semblance of normalcy back. I also began to feel the pressure of time as my goals to be in a certain city by a certain time were weighing on me, thus I took a flight to save time. Add up a tour to Uyuni and much higher than expected internet costs and Bolivia ended up being much more expensive than planned, but this was a reflection on me and my state of mind, not on the country. In any case, this is what it all looked like.

Bolivia Expenses: USD $2692.09

Aug 27 – Oct 31:
66 days
Avg: $40.79/day

Accommodation $936.38
Groceries + Food $942.73
Gifts $2.92
Entertainment $422
Clothing & Laundry $125.38
Transportation $106.79
Phone $88.31
Other $63.19
Bank $4.39

AirBnb rental, Party Hostel, Death Road, Uyuni Tour, Potosi Mine Tour, 2 Toro Toro tours including cave exploration, Rappelling

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