Travelling seems to agree with me

It’s still too early to say of course, I officially left home on April 12th, after a week of living at my girlfriend’s, following letting my apartment go, but in that time, in the past almost 3 months, I can say that things have been going really well. But I can now say, I am a digital nomad. I feel better, I look better, I’m generally thinking more clearly, I’m learning on a daily basis (something which was sorely missing from my life before), and I’m having new experiences and challenges on a regular basis, most small, but still, compounded with the regular work based challenges I used to have before, it makes for a sense of holistic growth. My skin has soaked up the sun, has a bit of shine to it and has reverted to its natural color, one which I forgot how much I liked. I exercise every day, and have lost a good amount of the little fat around my belly. I’m flossing for the first time in my life, I eat more regularly than I did back home, I sweat regularly, I swim in a pool or the ocean a couple times a week, I walk in the rain, I make a fool of myself with broken Spanish, I try new foods, meet new people, have different conversations with people from around the globe. And all the while I’m still managing my company, taking on new projects, providing support, and maintaining the same level of income I had prior to this lil adventure of mine. I’m still reading dozens of articles a day, reaching out to different friends and family back home on a pretty regular basis, and generally managing to stay connected with what’s happening in the world. All this to say, it’s still too early to know for sure, 2 years is a long time to miss comfort, to miss friends, to miss family, but it seems, at least for now, that traveling agrees with me.

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