Ecuador Expenses

I didn’t realize I spent as much time in Ecuador as I did. In truth I only went to a few places, the Galapagos, Montanita, and a few nights in random places as I rushed through the country to meet a friend in Peru and to avoid the USD expenses of Ecuador. In the end, Ecuador isn’t particularly expensive bu the USD currency does factor in a bit. Obviously some places are more expensive than others, but on the whole, it’s not too bad. Even the Galapagos, if you’re careful can be experienced for relatively little. Considering 14 of the 37 days spend in Ecuador were in the Galapagos, I think the expenses were rather well managed. I managed to do everything I wanted in the Galapagos and still only spent $7/day more than my budget. Sure that adds up over 14 days, but the Galapagos was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would never have forgiven myself for not taking advantage of. In any case, here’s the breakdown.

Ecuador Expenses: USD $1694.76

March 16 – March 21 + May 27 – June 27
37 days
Avg: $45.80/day

Accomodation 389.5
Groceries + Food 442.12
Entertainment 303.74
Clothing & Laundry 87.35
Transportation 410.5
Phone 39.25
Other 21.9

Galapagos activities: snorkeling, swimming with sharks, tours
Whale Watching

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